VPN Installation Instructions for Windows Vista

Download the Vista Vpn client here.

1)Double-Click vpnclient-win-msi-   Choose an unzip location and click unzip.  Click allow is an unauthorized program box opens.


2)The Installation wizard begins, click next.

3) Agree to the terms of the Cisco license by clicking I accept the license agreement and continue installing the software by choosing a Destination Folder on the computer:

4) Leave the location settings as they are and just click Next to continue.

5) The Ready to Install the Application Window opens, click next to continue the installation.

6) If another unidentified program box opens click allow, the installation will begin running.  When the installation completes click finish, it will prompt you to restart your system, if you are ready to do so click yes, if not you may restart later but must restart before using the VPN client.

7) Continue with the Creating a Connection Entry to Use the VPN Software section.


Creating a Connection Entry to Use the VPN Software

With the VPN software installed, the next step is to create a connection entry, which sets up the parameters under which the VPN operates. Those parameters include criteria such as how long access to the network is allowed at one time, how someone logs in to the network and so on, and unless there are unqiue circumstance the criteria can be left as is.

To create a connection entry:

1. Start the VPN software by clicking through the Start menu to Programs, Cisco systems VPN Client, then VPN Client. The program will display its main dialog box:

Click the New button to start create a new connection.  Enter “GTC VPN” for the connection entry box and “Access to GTC VPN” in the description box.

3. Enter vpn.gtc.edu in lower-case letters in the Host box

4. Under Authentication be sure Group Authentication is selected and enter the values below :

o Enter gtcstaff (all lower-case letters) as the Name.

Enter gateway (all lower-case letters) as the Password, and type it a second time in the Confirm Password text field:


5. Click Save and the Wizard shows successful creation of a VPN connection:

The new connection will appear in the Connection Entry drop-list when the VPN client software is started.


1 Connecting to the GTC Network with the VPN Client

2 Note: using the VPN software requires temporarily disabling any "firewall" software, such as ZoneAlarm or the McAfee Personal Firewall. Remember to enable the firewall after disconnecting from the GTC Network.

To connect to the GTC Network using the VPN client:

1. Start the VPN software by clicking through the Start menu to Programs, Cisco systems VPN Client, then VPN Client. Select the connection that was just created and a dialog box for User authentication for that connection will appear. Enter your GTC Windows (Email) ID (e.g. kaufmanm) in lower-case letters then your Email Password Then click OK.

2. The computer will seek a connection to the network, which may take about 10-15 seconds:

3. Once successfully connected to the GTC Network through the VPN, a yellow padlock icon will appear in the system tray:

The GTC Network is available for use, including secure applications such as RIAS.

Disconnecting from the GTC Network and the VPN Client

Disconnecting from the Gtc Network and the VPN client only requires right-clicking once on the yellow padlock icon in the system tray and selecting Disconnect. Please remember to enable any firewall software to secure your computer.