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This web site is brought to you by the Engineering Tech Wing of Gateway Technical College, in an effort to give our students direct access to the learning objects related to their programs.  We believe the use of learning objects can greatly enhance the learning experience. 

To access a Learning Object, simply click on the program title above.  Your computer will require "Flash" multimedia player to view the Learning Object.  If you don't have "Flash", you may down load it now by clicking on the icon below.      

The learning objects are sub-divided into the programs listed at the top of this page.  However, you are encouraged to visit all the pages as some learning objects span disciplines.   If there is a topic that you would like to see as a Learning Object, be sure to tell your instructor about it.  This web page is constantly under construction, as new learning objects are completed, they are posted to this site.  Stop back often to see what has been added.     

Warning:  if you are using Norton Anti-Virus, you will need to make a slight change to your Norton software.  The Learning Objects require ActiveX Controls to operate properly. The way to resolve this was to change the "block" ActiveX Controls to "prompt" you any time ActiveX Controls was asked for.  Now accessing the Learning Objects, you will be prompted with a security alert.   Now select "always allow the Learning objects website to utilize ActiveX Controls."  Once this was done, reset your Norton Security to "Block" ActiveX Controls.   Due to web security issues it is good to "Block" ActiveX Controls   

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