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Welcome to Electronics Department web site.

The Electronics Department at Gateway Technical College offers four different career paths into the exciting world of electronics:

  • Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) Associate of Applied Science degree
  • EET - Biomedical Engineering Technology (EET-BET) Associate of Applied Science degree
  • EET - Sustainable Energy Systems (EET-SES) Associate of Applied Science degree
  • Electronic Technician (ET) Associate of Applied Science degree

The first semester of all four programs is common for all four programs.  This allows the student time to decide which area of study they wish to pursue.  Some students decide to pursue multiple degrees during their two years at Gateway.

Electrical Engineering Technology (EET)
A severe shortage of electronic technicians and electrical engineers has created a new position in the electronics industry, the "Super Tech".  The person holding this position performs a wide variety of tasks that cross over in both areas. By increasing the scope of a technician's area of responsibility, the engineering staff can work more efficiently. Industry has a high demand for individuals capable of functioning in this capacity.

In response, Gateway Technical College developed the Associate of Applied Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology (EET). This curriculum not only provides students with the skills they need for employment in today’s fast-paced electronics industry, but also enables a graduate to continue their education in a Bachelor of Science degree in either Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering Technology. (Please see the Transfer Agreements page for more information.)

EET - Biomedical Engineering Technology
The exponential growth in heath care for our aging population required the development of our newest program.  The Biomedical Engineering Technology program prepares you for the exciting world of medical instrumentation.  If you want a career where you can make a difference in peoples lives, help them lead a healthier life then this degree is for you.  All of the advances in today's heath care come from advances in the medical instrumentation used by doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, x-ray technician's, and lab technicians.  Biomedical Engineering Technicians install, test, calibrate, and repair this medical instrumentation in addition they also train the medical staff on proper utilization of the equipment. 

If your goal is to develop new medical instrumentation, then you will want to take advantage of our transfer path to a world class Biomedical Engineering program at Marquette University in Milwaukee.

EET - Sustainable Energy Systems

The increasing demand for renewable energy has created a severe shortage of technicians that understand how to integrate Solar / Photovoltaic systems into our existing infrastructure.  The ability to install new systems and repair existing systems is in high demand.

In response, Gateway Technical College developed a new emphasis in the Electrical Engineering Technology program.  This new emphasis specializes in Sustainable Energy Systems.  The Associate of Applied Science degree in EET- Sustainable Energy Systems (EET-SES) not only provides students with the skills they need for employment in today’s electrical engineering technology field, the degree also enables a graduate to work in the exciting new field of sustainable energy.


Electronic Technician (ET)
The graduates from this program are in HIGH DEMAND by the area's employers.  The average starting salary range is $30,500 - 54,900  If you are looking for a career that offers challenge, if you enjoy working with cutting edge technology, then the field of electronics is for you.  

In all areas of your life, you can see the exciting developments in electronics.  Whether you are talking on your Cellular telephone, watching your new high-definition television, or surfing the net, the ever expanding field of electronics is all around you.   

The Electronic Technician program is laboratory orientated, at Gateway Technical College, we believe in the "hands-on" approach to learning.  The installation, maintenance, modification, diagnosis and troubleshooting of a wide variety of electronic equipment is the focus of this program. In addition to comprehensive training in electronic theory, lab experience is an integral part of the program. 



For Additional Information:
Patrick Hoppe
Division Chair - Engineering Technology


office (262) 898-7518
cell (414) 640-9911