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The Hardware Book

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What are Self-Paced courses and are they for you?


A Tutorial on Calculus

  Useful manuf. documents (.pdf)
Data Sheets (.pdf format) Active Filter Design IC Search Engines
LM741 Op Amps EEM
LM318 Alkaline Battery Fairchild Semiconductors
1N4001 Lithium Battery IC Master
1N753 XYZ's of Oscilloscopes Philips Semiconductors

Texas Instruments

MPF102 Fluke DMM Virtual Demos (Flash is Required)
BF245A  (A replacement for the MPF102, this one can be found in MultiSIM) Model 110 Electronic Parts / Tools
7400 Model 170 Digikey
7402 Model 180 Jameco
7404   Jensen Tools
7408 Electronics Reference Sites Newark Electronics
7432 The Engineers' Club - Online
7446 Twysted-Pair
7474 RF Cafe
7476 Malvino's Official Web Site
7493 Malvino's Personal Web Site

                                    Fairchild Semiconductor


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