Gateway Technical College
Racine Campus
1001 South Main Street
Racine, WI 53403

Computer Illustration
Drawing Techniques

Course number: 204-105
3 credits

Instructor: Susan Hanneman
Office: R238 Number: 619-6438

Course Description
Students will use a variety of illustration and graphic design software for illustration, technical drawing, composition and implementation of created art into page layout. Students will also incorporate traditional drawing skills and scanning methods into their digital illustration and drawings. Composition, digital color specification and current graphic design trends will be emphasized.


• 1 or 2 Zip Discs as needed
• Sketchbook and pencils (for thumbnails)
• Required Text—Illustrator 8 Wow Book


• Identify and execute drawing techniques on the computer.
• Identify and execute traditional drawing techniques.
• Use a variety of software for illustration/drawing creation.
• Use a scanner to incorporate traditional drawings and other suitable art for use in illustration software and/or page layout.
• Identify, define and operate various peripheral devices including but not limited to: backup devices, scanner, monitor, hard drive, removable hard drives, floppy drives, printer and color printer.
• Identify terms and styles associated with traditional and digital drawing and illustration.
• Identify and incorporate various digital file formats into page layout.
• Explore type usage and type manipulation techniques to create special effects used in page layout.
• Identify color issues and incorporate color into illustrations and drawings.
• Evaluate digital art reproduction issues including but not limited to: trapping, troubleshooting, backup, standard color models, equipment calibration, process color, spot color, legal and ethical issues.

Grades will be based on a percentage of total points (90% and higher =A, 80 % = B, 70% = C, and so on.) Grades will be lowered one grade for each two class periods missed. Assignment grades will be lowered 10 % for each week they are late. Arrangements to turn in any makeup work from classes missed is the students responsibility. Participation in critiques and class discussions will factor into your overall grade.

Portfolio (20 points)
Students will be required to share a portfolio with the class during the final class period (May 21st). This will consist of a binder including at least 5 pieces designed over the 16 week course. A clean typed sheet of paper should accompany each piece of work, describing how the work was created (software steps, design considerations, color choices, etc.). Grade will be based on quality of work, presentation, and level of difficulty of work.

Critique Sessions (10 points each)
There will be two critique sessions during the semester. Attendance and participation during these sessions is important. They will also help you to prepare your portfolios.

Class Procedures/Requirements
Tardiness and leaving class early are discouraged. If you need to make special arrangements in this regard, please speak to your instructor. These instances may effect your attendance grade.

Course Outline

Week 1— Discussion of course and syllabus
Logging on to the network.
Illustrator Overview.
Don’t take notes! Just watch and see what the software can do!

Week 2— Illustrator Review
Assignment 1 (10 points). Due Feb 5th.

Week 3— Assignment 2 (10 points). Due Feb 12th.
Learn 5 commands!
Discussion TBA

Week 4— Assignment 3 (10 points). Due Feb 19th.
Discussion TBA

Week 5— Quiz 1 (10 points)…written.

Week 6— Assignment 4 (10 points). Due March 12th.
Discussion TBA

Week 7— Learn 5 commands.
Critique Session (10 points).

Week 8— Assignment 5 (10 points). Due March 26th.
Learn 5 commands.
Discussion TBA

Week 9— Learn 5 commands.
Discussion TBA
Week 10— Assignment 6. (20 points). Due April 9th.
Discussion TBA

Week 11— Quiz 2 (10 points)…timed.

Week 12— Assignment 7 (20 points). Due April 30th.
Learn 5 commands.
Discussion TBA

Week 13— Review for quiz 3…commands.
Assign final projects (30 points). Due May 14th.
Critique Session (10 points).

Week 14— Quiz 3 (10 points)…commands.

Week 15— Work on final projects and portfolios.

Week 16— Final Projects due.
Last class!
Portfolio reviews (20 points)
Course evaluations