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Taking Tests in Blackboard

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Test-Taking in Blackboard
Gateway Instructors use Blackboard to deliver a wide variety of online assessments. Tests and quizzes are just two of these assessment methods.

Pop-up Blockers and Blackboard
Depending on your operating system version, your browser may have a built-in pop-up blocker. This technology can save you from seeing unwanted pop-up windows. However, this protection can sometimes interfere with test-taking in Blackboard. We recommend you disable your pop-up blocker prior to beginning a Blackboard session. If you must leave pop-up blocker "turned on," please add the following two Gateway sites to the "unfiltered" list in your pop-up blocking software:


Visit our demonstrations page to view short demonstrations on how to work with pop-up blockers in various browsers.

Testing Tips for Blackboard
1. Call waiting can interfere with online testing if you use a dial-up Internet connection. Disable call-waiting by dialing *70 before you connect to the internet to take a Blackboard test..

2. If you are using a dial-up Internet connection, ensure that no one in your home picks up another telephone line while you are taking a test online. This can interrupt the connection needed for the test.

3. When you finish your test, please click Submit ONLY ONCE. If your Internet connection is slow, you may think the quiz has not been submitted. Wait at least 2-5 minutes for a confirmation that your quiz has been received.

4. Contact your Instructor directly if you have any problems with the test that you cannot resolve. Your Instructor may have to reset your test attempt before you can re-take the test.

5. If you continue to have problems, please contact the Distance Learning office at 262-564-3202 or via e-mail at distancelearning@gtc.edu.

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