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-Which Browser Should I Use with Blackboard? .pdf file
-Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (Use the US English Download for Windows or Mac)
-Internet Explorer
-Critical Updates for Windows and Internet Explorer



Student Laptop Computer FAQ's

- Click Here for Microsoft Word version

- Click Here for PDF version



AntiVirus Downloads - Free for Gateway Students Currently Enrolled ONLY!

I understand that all Gateway Technical College students are required to have updated virus protection installed on their laptops.  If I do not already have virus protection software, where can I get it?

You can find free virus protection software at http://wiscsoftware.wisc.edu/wisc/ for both Windows and Macs.  Select Gateway from the WTCS pulldown on the left side of the screen and then scroll down to the section titled “Free Antivirus Software.”  Both Windows and Mac software are available for free at this website. You can choose from:

For Macs:

Mac Antivirus




For PC's:

AVG Antivirus




Windows Antivirus








There are 2 installs. After installing both, please reboot your computer.

Install First: Click Here for the AntiVirus Install

Install Second: Click Here for the AntiSpyware Install

Click Here for step-by-step instructions on installing McAfee Installations


Document Viewers and Players

-Adobe Acrobat Reader
-Autodesk DWF Viewer
-Microsoft Excel Viewer
-Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
-Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer for Macintosh
-Microsoft Word Viewer
-Microsoft Office 2007 Readers
-SolidWorks Viewer


Media Players

-Authorware Player
-Flash Player
-Quicktime Player
-Real Media Player
-Shockwave Player
-Windows Media Player (98/ME/NT)
-Windows Media Player (XP)


Blackboard Virtual Classroom and Chat

-Java Runtime Environment Download - Choose your platform and click the "Download" button.


Breeze Add-ins for Mac and Windows PC’s

If faculty have a problem, please click on this link: Connect Pro Downloads
and look for Adobe Acrobat Connect Add-ins for both Windows and MAC computers.


PrintKey 2000 (Click PrintKey 2000 for the executable file)

PrintKey is an excellent add-on and is activated when you press the PrintScreen Key. It allows you to capture the entire screen or any portion of it. You can then make changes to the screen capture and save in a variety of formats including .gif, .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .emf and .wmf. You can also swap colors, convert to grayscale or black and white, change picture size and send to the printer all from this little freeware program. Tested and works fine with Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP. Click HERE for instructions on opening a ZIP file. Click HERE for the zip file if you were unable to open the PrintKey 2000 executable file. Click How To Use PrintKey2000 for instructions on how to use this freeware program.


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